The Yard Work is DONE

Our yard is large for where we live in the suburbs – about a half-acre. Most other lots are 1/3 to 1/4 acre. We also have a LOT of trees: a beech behind the house, several ashes around the perimeter, and a huge maple in the front. So fall is always a time when we need to deal with the leaves. It normally takes us 5-6 days to get everything done.

Well this year, our brother-in-law lent us his new industrial-grade leaf blower and let me tell you: this thing is a game-changer. Raking always leaves me wrecked (pun totally intended). Today I spent 2.5 hours leaf-blowing, then Amy and I took 3 loads of leaves to the town dump/recycle center (front half of the yard) and got the leaves from the back half of the yard dumped into the gigantic compost pile in the back of our yard. We’ve got another load of bagged leaves plus downed sticks to bring to the dump tomorrow, then we just need to mow the lawn for the final time and we are DONE with yard clean-up.

Leaf-blower is a TOTAL game-changer. I didn’t hate today (much) because of it.

Also I am exhausted and this is the dumbest blog post ever.