Posting’s been light since ALA since I’ve been crazy-busy getting ready for my summer vacation. This year, the dogs and Amy and I are in Maine for several days. Then we drop the little dog off at the kennel, leave the big one with Amy’s folks (the little one can’t be trusted here, what with cats to bark at and cars to chase), and take the CAT from Portland to Nova Scotia for a week. It should be pretty fun – I’ll try to post pictures at some point. Y’all have a good time these two weeks!

4 thoughts to “Vacation!”

  1. maine? nova scotia? sounds like fun. too bad dogs can’t come along. i hate travelling without mine. wish more places were canine-friendly. can’t wait to see your photos. what knitting projects are you taking to work on? i’m imagining the possibilities when it comes to yarn stores in NS….. dreamy! enjoy. stay safe!

  2. you better post lots of pictures – especially after saturday, about saturday!! much love to you. enjoy the two weeks in as ridiculous a way as possible. 🙂 vacation sounds sooooo nice!

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