Thanksgiving Weekend Roundup

What a great weekend! The short story: food, travels to my hometown, pedicure, invitations ordered, dead cable modem.

Turkey Weekend Toes

The longer story:

Food. The new twist on turkey the past two years has been to grill it breast-down. And damn, if it isn’t some tasty turkey!

Travel to my hometown. A few years ago, a tornado wiped out most of the trees on my godparents’ cabin property. And there were a LOT of trees. They borrowed a log-splitter from my childhood home and our extended family cabin in north-central Minnesota. This weekend, we hauled it back. We didn’t quite realize it was 175 miles, however. At any rate, I hadn’t been to the cabin (aka The Dome) in about 18 months, and it was good to see the changes. They put in new windows! Stunning and gorgeous. Amy liked the place, which didn’t surprise me. It should be nice to be there at Christmas, with the snow, etc. Maybe she and I will bring our skates too…

Pedicure. See the photo above. My toes feel great. Amy had never had a pedicure before, but I think she liked it.

Invitations. Had to stop by the stationary store and see what they had in stock for the upcoming parties. We ended up at Give My Regards To… and really had fun. Picked some paper, some fonts, and put down a deposit. The train chugs merrily along…

Dead Cable Modem. I confess that I thought this was my fault for a while. I spent a long time cleaning up the “my documents” on the family computer, and set AOL to download things to a different folder from now on. And after that, the internet connection wouldn’t work. A lot of sleeplessness later, I remembered what I do to my DSL connection when it flakes out: I cycle the power on it, and that usually makes it happier. Sure enough, Sunday morning I cycled the power on the cable modem, and voila! Over Christmas, we’re going to have a crash course in digital photography management. I think I’ve found the image editing program to use, which works with AOL email – hooray! Just have to do some documentation on getting digital images off cameras and onto computers – should be fun.

Hope you all had good Thanksgiving weekends too. To finish my lunch now!

P.S. The dogs came home from the pet resort happy and healthy, although tired! I spent 10 minutes snuggling with Otter this morning (picked them up around 8:30 am today), and then put him into his crate. Then I curled up with Maggie on the bed, and she CONKED OUT while I was rubbing her chest. Such a sweetie-pie! They gave me photos and a report card, and apparently love these two dogs. We’ll use Steward’s Pet Resort again, enthusiastically!

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  1. for some reason i really really like that pedicure photo. it’s fabulous. but so are pedicures. guilt by association! he he.

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