St. John, USVI, Part 2

So I promised a St. John USVI post talking about all the critters we saw, and I won’t disappoint. All the photos on this post were ones I took at the house where we stayed.



We saw lots of fish when we went snorkeling. Here’s a list of all fishes in the Virgin Islands. Some of my favorites were:

blue tangs
queen triggerfish
spot-fin porcupinefish
spotted drum
french grunt
spotted trunkfish
yellow-tailed snapper
spotted eagle ray – there were two of these guys in Hart Bay
stoplight parrotfish – this photo only shows the female. For photos of male stoplight parrotfish, check out Google Images.

You can see even better photos of many of these fish at Things With Fins.

Besides fish, we also saw lots of other things in the water.

  • coral of many varieties, my favorite of which was brain coral
  • thousands of sea urchins, most in Hart Bay (this made leaving the water after our snorkel both interesting and harrowing!)
  • stoplight parrotfish poop (commonly known as sand)
  • Robert saw a nurse shark, and everyone but Amy and I saw sea turtles!

Things with legs that don’t fly

On land, the wildlife around the place where we stayed was pretty neat. We saw three iguanas – the big grizzled old guy, the medium bright green one, and the small neon green skittish one. At Jumbie Bay, we saw a brown anole lizard.


There were these strange slug-like millipedes that hung around at night. I think I stepped on one in the dark, as I heard a crunch-splort. Thank goodness for hard-soled Tevas!

A toad also showed up a few times. More than anything, it seemed shell-shocked by the lights coming on and going off. There were hermit crabs galore, as well as geckos. I’m very fond of both types of creatures. Finally, one day we saw a mongoose crossing the road! Naturally, we didn’t see any snakes.


Things with wings

At the place where we stayed, there were at least 3 green-throated carib hummingbirds who lived nearby and frequented the flowers by the house. The photo is of one of those three. We also saw Magnificent Frigatebirds, Bananquits, and pelicans.

I’m sure there are more animals we saw, but I forget what they are right now. All in all, it was a great trip in which to see wonderful and amazing animal life! If you’d like to read more about the fauna in the Virgin Islands, head here.