What Dogs Do All Day

Maggie is Exhausted Have you ever wondered what dogs do all day when we’re not home with them? Amy and I did too. Maggie usually spends the days sleeping on the bed. Otter usually spends them in his crate.

Otter is MORE ExhaustedLast week, we decided to run a little experiment, and we left Otter out of his crate for several hours with Maggie. As we hoped, they played and tired each other out. As we realized after the fact, we also didn’t Otter-proof the room quite as well as we probably should have.

The Big Mess, #1 The Big Mess, #2

Word to the wise: make sure the trashcan is empty or not in the room when you leave the very playful, happy, inquisitive dog out of his crate for the first time. Click on the photos for more details of the day’s adventures!

2 thoughts to “What Dogs Do All Day”

  1. I found your blog while looking for the scarf with two colors of Noro yarn. Love the doggie on the bed photo. Maggie looks like our Suzie, who is a yard hound dog. DH said she would sleep on the bed if possible. Anyway, I am an academic librarian in AL. I am going to Midwinter, despite reliving how awful that heat wave in Chicago was with a colleague the other day. I did get my picture taken with Baker and Taylor at Annual.

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