The Dogs of Ciderfest

Amy’s sister and her family threw their annual cider-making party last weekend. The weather was glorious and everyone who came had a blast socializing, making and drinking cider, enjoying the bonfire, and eating. I took photos. My best ones this year were of the dogs of Ciderfest.

Ciderfest 8 - Callie

Callie, who lives with Sally and Gunnar

Ciderfest 8 - Alvis

Alvis, formerly skinny and heartworm-positive Hurricane Katrina refugee who hit the jackpot when he ended up living with Amy’s sister, her husband, and their three little girls

Ciderfest 8 - Morgan

Morgan, who lives with Amy’s parents

Ciderfest 8 - Pete

Pete, who lives with our brother-in-law’s sister and her family (he’s 13 years old! can you believe it?)

Ciderfest 8 - Alvis

And Alvis again, with 100% typical Alvis expression (i.e. pet me love me pet me love me i’ll be so happy if you’ll only pet me love me)

2 thoughts to “The Dogs of Ciderfest”

  1. Adorable… I can’t wait to actually go next year! I had an exam on Friday and one today and just could not get away!!


  2. We missed you Karin! Amy and I had bets on who was going to “pull a Karin” and sleep in the hammock out at the cabin, but no one did… Alas.

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