Success Question (dog edition)

Which is the bigger success?

  1. I trimmed all 8 of the big dog’s nails (in front, not dewclaws). Most I only took 1-2 mm off of, but on a couple I got about 3-4mm.
  2. He only tried to bite me 6 times while I was trimming said nails.

This is a dog who hates having his nails trimmed so much that we call him “Otter Scissortoes.”  This is a dog who hates having his feet handled. This is a dog who lets me handle his feet now – after about 9 months of almost-nightly handling – without getting angry. This is a dog who once couldn’t get his nails trimmed at the kennel because “client was too stressed.”

So which of those IS the bigger success?

3 thoughts to “Success Question (dog edition)”

  1. I think trimming the nails is quite a success!

    I was fortunate that I have had Foxy since birth. I have rubbed his feet every day since he was born, so now he LOVES having his feet rubbed – he trances right out. If I tried to do that with Pablo, he’d take my face off.

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