Photos for Christmas

Since I’m going to be in and out of internet touch for the next couple of weeks, I thought I’d leave you and this blog with some photos of my very favorite dog, Maggie.

on the loveseat

In this one, she has found a new place to curl up in the living room. I moved the loveseat that was in my office down to the living room (okay, technically AMY and I moved it down). It looks great there, and Maggie took up residence immediately.

sideways glance

In this lovely photo, Maggie lets me know, “Sometimes, Mom, I hate it when you take photos of me.” You know what though? I’m the dog-mom, so I do it anyway.

2 thoughts to “Photos for Christmas”

  1. I love when you post pics of Maggie. My doberman makes the same faces (sometimes) when I take his picture. Other times, he loses his mind and decides he wants to eat the camera. I have a lot of shots of the back of his throat.

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