My Dorky Dog

Maggie loves to investigate outside, as most dogs do. She sticks her nose into all sorts of things she shouldn’t stick it into, she runs around and barks when she gets a good whiff of some critter or another, and she’ll roll in anything that’s even remotely smelly. In short, she’s a Dog.

Last Thursday night, however, she outdid even herself. For a photo essay of her adventures around Amy’s compost bin, start here and keep clicking the “next” button. If you want the quick and dirty of what she did, just head over to this .avi movie (uses Windows Media Player). Since I’m a total digital-video dork, the video is huge and I have no idea how to compress it. Probably best for high-speed connections only.

In case you’re wondering, no, she did not catch it, and it was a young bunny rabbit.