Meet the New Beast-Boy

Buster Brown

This is the new boy who got a clean bill of health at the vet’s today. We’re not sure what his name is yet – it may be Buster Brown, or it may be Buddy. It may also be Otter, for the playful way he splashes in the rain (“Ooooh! Puddles! And running water! Wheee!”)

Maggie is annoyed

Maggie is not very happy about this turn of events. She’s spent a lot of the last few days glaring at both Amy and me, which is pretty funny. But she and the boy have played some, in between the times when she snarks at him and tries to protect us from him. I suspect that in about 2 months, they’ll be great friends.

The favor I ask of you, my dear friends: Leave a comment and tell me what you think the goofy brown-and-black boy’s name should be. Buster, Otter, Buddy, or a suggestion of your own are all welcome.

11 thoughts to “Meet the New Beast-Boy”

  1. Well, I’d go with Otter, especially if he spends a lot of time on his back breaking open clams. And it goes well with Maggie.

    “Maggie and Otter, will you please just shut up!”

    See, it kinda flows.

  2. I like Buster. Buster and Maggie sound good together, like they’re a bank-robbing team or something. But nice bank robbers, of course. 🙂 He’s really cute. I like the brown specks, like freckles.

  3. Given his coloring and shiny coat, I’d definitely go with Otter, especially if he’s playful. (Or how about Granger? Hermione’s Patronus is an otter.)

  4. oh man otter all the way. am reading wind in the willows and otter is cool. also recently met a cat named turtle. just realized my pet is also named after another type of animal. at least i am consistent. also otter seems more unique of a name and it fits his look and behaviour!

  5. I vote for Buster! He’s so sweet and I LOVE the tongue!!

    Congratulations on your new addition!

  6. Well, maybe it’s because I watch too many toons with my daughter, but there’s always “Ferocious Beast” as in “Maggie and the Ferocious Beast”. The dog doesn’t particularly look like the Beast, however.

    I vote Otter. He looks like an Otter.

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