Life with Dog

We only have a few toys out at any given time, since there sometimes is toy jealousy and toy boredom in this household. The ball below is one of Maggie’s favorites (it’s the third one I’ve purchased for her since she’s been living with me.) For the past several months it’s been in the dog toybox in the front porch. We brought it in a couple of nights ago.

My favorite toy (iteration 3)


Pure chewing bliss.

Go 'way. Mine.


No guarding issues here, NO SIREE!


Nope, not a single toy jealousy issue in THIS house! Nope, not a one.


Petulant and annoyed.

2 thoughts to “Life with Dog”

  1. Ha! For Juneau it’s “stuffy” which is one of those “bite the man” dolls. Even mentioning “stuffy” sends her into paroxysms of joy!

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