I really love dogs. I bought a house so I could get a dog. I made Amy bring home a second dog because I thought our first dog needed a companion (she didn’t, and still hasn’t forgiven me 100%). I like to take photos of dogs. These are a few of my favorite dog photos.

Stoner Maggie 4

Maggie chews stick, looks like she’s on illegal drugs.

Toenails (Maggie edition)

Puppy toes.

MY bone

“My stick. Now back off.”
Otter's so sleepy!

It’s so hard to stay awake when you’re a big dog….

ALVIS. Hound-dog trapped in a labrador retriever’s body.

2 thoughts to “Dawgs!”

  1. I also bought a house so I could get a dog. The book Marley & Me was given to me at Xmas, finished reading it as my plane landed in Minneapolis. Had to sit down in the airport and cry for a bit like a bit fat baby….I love yellow labs….

  2. molly got really sick this week–check out the blog about it if you care ot know details: http://www.willikat.blogspot.com
    but she is doing better now, and every penny of the $550 we spent on her this week (yikes) was worth it when the alarm went off this morning and she peeked her head up over the side of the bed, wagging her tail, looking for all the world like “good morning mom! sure would be good to go outside!”

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