I take this break from my A-Z blogging to let you all know that I’m here in Boston, watching the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, and starting my Knitting Olympics knitting – the multidirectional diagonal scarf.

Amy Drives!

The move itself was good.  We only had a few moments of ARGH – like trying to get the sofabed out of the tiny room in which it was (and which, incidentally, had me trapped when I’d tried to move it in there by myself a few months ago!)  The drive was fine – Amy did all the driving of the big truck, and I followed behind in my car, laden with the completely-breakables (framed artwork, the granite top of the washstand my great-grandfather made, lamps) and the littlest dog.

 Big Truck!

Maggie in the car

Yes, I buckled and insisted at the last minute that she come along with us.  I’m glad for it now, because Amy’s back in Philly for classes and for the winter snowstorm.  I’m going to miss her this weekend.  Bummer weather…

(Okay, how COOL is the skier on the opening ceremonies??? She just did a ski jump!!! WHOA!)  

So anyhow, I’m here.  Moving in.  Unpacking.  Wondering why on earth someone thought the three large bands of brown in the dining room were a good idea.  Knitting.  With an internet connection (finally!) and cable (too many channels, and no On Demand for Bravo….. boo!)  Boston is looking good so far.

But.  The things that have annoyed me so far about Massachusetts:

  1. Resident-only parking and parking tickets when the car is right in front of the moving truck.  Um, HELLO parking police.  Figure it out.
  2. Getting a resident-only parking permit.  Suffice to say that it will be a while before I’ll be able to go to City Hall between 9:30 and 4:00 during the workweek. Looks like I’ll be parking a few blocks away from home during the day.
  3. Getting car insurance.  Unlike most other places I’ve lived, I cannot use Geico, but instead, must GO TO AN INSURANCE AGENT’S OFFICE and get insurance that way.  Weird.

Okay, but to balance that, let’s list some of the things I like about Massachusetts:

  1. Getting my new driver’s license was easy.  Bring forms of ID, old driver’s license, a lease, and BAM!  Twenty minutes later I walked out with a temporary license; the new one will come in 5-10 days.
  2. BEER & WINE in the GROCERY STORES.  Amen and hallelujah!
  3. Real seasons.  It’s winterish here, folks, and both the little dog and I love it.
  4. Amazing food close by.  Lots and lots of it.  Hooray!

Well, the parade of athletes is about to start, so I’m off.  I leave you with my favorite photo from the moving experience – Maggie in the truck, with her hedgehog (she dug it out of the milk crate it was shoved into earlier that day…)

Maggie on top 

4 thoughts to “Boston!”

  1. i’m so glad you guys had a good moving experience! and all in all it sounds like it’s been (relatively) painless.

    enjoy the city and the wonderful snow you’ll have this weekend 🙂

  2. Awesome news! When I was helping a friend move into an apt in Boston once… the SAME DAMN THING HAPPENED vis-a-vis a parking ticket on the car. !

    Seasons and good food. AND internet. Nice.

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