Adventures with Crickets

Last night, Maggie hunted a cricket in Amy’s living room. The cricket was huge, loud, and fascinating to Maggie. Eventually, she flushed it out from behind the television stand, only to poke at it with her right paw (she’s definitely right-pawed) and snuffle around it a lot. Eventually, she poked it to death, and in the process, got a leg off. She ate part of that, but I stopped her from eating any more.

At any rate, catlike behavior notwithstanding, she was 100% dog this morning. When she ran outside to pee and sniff, she stopped, sat down with her back to me (hmmm… that’s actually very catlike…), heaved for a while, and then threw up cricket leg and other dog-stomach stuff. Too bad that she’ll never learn that it was the cricket that made her sick (she always throws up exoskeletons like that), since the amount of time between eating the cricket and getting sick took so long. Silly beast.

Here she is on a better day, back in July, when we were in Minnesota. This picture is taken on the south side of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, on one of the docks by the canoe-corralling area.

Maggie at Lake of the Isles