Structured Blogging

I just uploaded a new WP plugin called from the folks over at Structured Blogging. It allows you to write pre-structured movie, book, CD, etc. reviews, put in links to the Amazon page for books or Yahoo page for movies, pull pictures from Amazon for books, and a few more things.

This is going to be great for my book reviews – and maybe I’ll do movie and music reviews too! My only complaint: Amazon? Gah. I’d rather link to or other more independent bookstores. Maybe someone will write an update to the plugin…

The plugin also allows event posting – I didn’t explore that yet, but think it poses really good things for organizational blogs!

One other question – does anyone know of any good feminist or GLBT organizations that have Amazon Associate/Affiliate status? The plugin lets you put that information in, and I’d like to support a good charity that participates.