Not so much on the upgrades

So I’ve neither upgraded to SP2 nor fully figured out how to upgrade my blogging software. Oh well, nothing’s been lost, and I’ve backed up my hard drive. That’s a good thing. I also realized that my hard drive is nearly full (hence not upgrading to SP2). That means that I’ve spent more time cleaning up the hard drive – defragging it and deleting old programs I’ll never use. Sigh.

The semester has started at work, and once again I’m reminded of how much I love my job. This week I taught four library classes, hiked through the Crum Creek for my orienteering class, and watched the women’s soccer team play a couple of games. On Monday I’m going to my first-ever field hockey match. I like being active on campus, being known. Suits my temperment.

And with that, I’m off to bed for the night. There is a furry little beast curled up on the sofa next to me, with one eye open, peering at me as if to say, “Turn that blasted thing off and come to bed like a normal dog!” I keep reminding her that I’m human and not dog, but she forgets. Her idea is a good one though, so good night.

Sleep, Maggie, sleep!

Maggie sometimes sleeps on her back, too.