For Fun: My Favorite Games

So I’m one of those people who’s never really gotten into video games. First person shooters? Too much action. Old school games like Asteroids or Pac-Man? SO STRESSFUL. Console games like Wii or PS3 or whatnot? So expensive.

But I do like to play games on my iPhone, and after Rachel posted last week about awesome flash-based games, I got inspired to share my favorite, boring, non-stressful, non-action, inexpensive iOS games.

What characteristics are in games I like?

  • puzzle/strategy
  • repetitive/quick

My hands-down favorite game right now is Sudoku. I love playing it on my iPhone because it’s just the right size, and it also only take 5-10 minutes per game. Marple is one of my other go-to logic and deduction games.  It’s a much faster game than Sudoku (I average just about 2 minutes a game)

I just downloaded Two Dots last week, but I’m not very good at it so I’m constantly losing my lives, and you either need to wait for your lives to regenerate OR pay $1 to get more lives. See above about me not liking to pay much for games, and you’ll understand why I play this until I’ve blown my 5 lives, then I head on to another game. (Aside: I can’t have Dots on my phone because I play it obsessively. If Two Dots didn’t have the paywall in there, I’d be the same way with it. Thanks for curbing my obsessive tendencies, game devs!)

There are a couple of other games I enjoy that aren’t quick puzzles – Ticket to Ride Pocket and Ticket to Ride Europe Pocket are both nice adaptations of the board game. And while I don’t like turn-based games that require other people to play them (on my phone anyway) I had fun with Words with Friends and Draw Something for a while.

What about you? What kinds of digital games do you like to play? Any suggestions for me based on what I like?

2 thoughts to “For Fun: My Favorite Games”

  1. I like similar kinds of games and I’m utterly obsessed with Ascension on my iPad. The game is so visually detailed, I’m not sure it would work well on a phone unless you already knew it. I have the boardgame as well, but not enough folks around to regularly play it that way.

  2. O

    I downloaded both DOTS and Two Dots last night, and I’ve now devoted my remaining lifespan to this game. I DO like that Two Dots makes you wait for regenerated lives (unless you pay).

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