Flickr-Yahoo Merge Happy Update

After the recent unpleasantness trying to merge a brand-new Yahoo account to my Flickr account, I spent a fair amount of time on the message boards at Flickr, posting, asking questions, trying not to feed the trolls, etc.  A really awesome Flickr staffer named Kevin took the time in one of his posts to let me know that help was on the way.  I sent him a message thanking him for being kind to me, as it had been one of Those Days and the Flickr-Yahoo nonsense was the straw that broke this camel’s back.

At any rate, a day later, I received a newly UNmerged account back, along with a password reset.  Happy happy joy joy!  I wasn’t able to login to do anything until tonight.  I ended up logging in to the empty Flickr account I’d set up with my long-standing Yahoo account, deleting the Flickr account associated with that Yahoo account, and merging my Flickr account with THAT Yahoo account.  And now all seems to be working.  Keep your fingers crossed that nothing yucky happens in the next few days, but I’m feeling confident that it won’t.

So a big THANKS to Kevin at Flickr for a well-timed kind word.  He saved me from losing my mind and my account.  Kudos!

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