Flickr-Yahoo Merge Frustrations

Oh why oh why has Flickr forsaken its Old Skool users?

Flickr got purchased by Yahoo a while ago.  Good for some things (stability) and bad for others – like the fact that we now have to sign in to Flickr using a Yahoo ID.

So the problem with that?  My long-standing Yahoo ID? I used it to create a test Flickr account.  So I had to create a new Yahoo ID yesterday to merge with my Flickr account.  I found an ID name that actually didn’t suck (unlike a lot of other people – yay me!). I followed Flickr’s rules.  I successfully merged my accounts!  Hooray!

Until….. today.  I got to work and signed into my new Yahoo/Flickr account.  Ooops – sorry, ID not recognized.   Damn.  So I waited a few minutes, then tried again.  No go.  And then a few minutes later I tried one more time. This time it let me in.  Later, I tried to get back in, and the same thing happened. (If you’re counting, I’m now up to 4 failed logins on this new Yahoo ID).

Tonight I came home (to our new fast FOIS from Verizon – swanky!) and tried to get into Flickr.  Guess what happened?  Now I can no longer reset my password and my account has been deactivated due to too many attempts to login incorrectly.

I’m so frustrated. So annoyed.  SOOOO ticked off.  And judging from the Flickr forums, I’m not the only one.

So I sent off a frantic message to Flickr, asking them to PLEASE un-merge my accounts, let me delete my test Flickr account that’s tied to my old-skool Yahoo account, and re-merge using my old-skool Yahoo account (which has always worked reliably).

Now I could just sit here and stew about how frustrating this is for me. But you know what?  I’m an incredibly savvy internet user.   I’ve been through this kind of thing before.  I know patience is important in cases like this, even when I’m annoyed as all get-out.

But not all users are like me.  There are a lot of other folks out there who are going to try to do this who will get so caught up in the obstacles that Yahoo throws at people that they’ll just quit.  And that will be a sad thing, because then Flickr/Yahoo will have their photos held hostage, and these people who get caught in the vicious circle that I’m in will have just one more reason to hate using computers and the internet.

Flickr lost a lot of my respect today.  I’m going to investigate a few other services (does anyone else remember the Fotolog debacle of 2004?) but will probably just install Gallery2 on my web server and host my photos here if I can’t get this resolved by the Ides of March (Flickr’s drop-dead date for merging accounts). If that has to happen, I’ll miss all of my friends on Flickr a lot – especially the Basenji boys, my friends who share private photos of their children there, and all the other folks I’ve gotten to “know” through this service.

Let’s hope that they can figure out how to make this work for me and for all those others who are locked out of Flickr right now (and thus can’t participate in the forums).

Grrrrr… I’ll keep you all posted on how (if) this resolves.

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2 thoughts to “Flickr-Yahoo Merge Frustrations”

  1. How frustrating! Good for you for taking a deep breath, though. I’m crossing my fingers that they will be able to resolve it for you shortly. They obviously didn’t test your scenario. I was surprised that my own unused Yahoo account worked since I hadn’t really used it after setting it up a couple years ago. I don’t even remember why I had it. Sounds like I was lucky.

    Keep us posted!


  2. I am going through the Flickr / Yahoo merge now and I have been locked out of the Flickr account for 8 days. How long did it take for them to respond to you? I have sent 3 e-mails now (the 2nd one was after I fixed my 1st issue and created a 2nd issue, the third was out of pure frustration) and no one has replied to any of them. I spoke to 4 people today at Yahoo help. One asked what Flickr was and another asked how to spell it…I’ve lost respect for both Flickr and Yahoo. I’m on the verge of canceling Flickr, but I can’t get into the account to do it…

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