My good friend Libby put together a team for this past weekend’s first annual AOK Women’s Hockey Tournament. Libby’s really good at putting together tournament teams; in fact, I don’t think I’ve been to a tournament where she hasn’t organized the team.

At any rate, this iteration of tournament team included Libby, Amy, and me, along with 2 of our friends from summer hockey and one of our regular-season teammates. Then we picked up 3 folks from the tournament team we took up to NH this winter, 4 folks from one of our regular-season opponents (the goalie used to play on Black Ice with Libby before Amy and I moved to town), and someone Libby knows from learn-to-play. Now can you tell why the team name was Mayhem?

This rag-tag bunch of folks – most of us didn’t know each other before Friday evening – managed to put together quite a weekend.

Friday night we took on Raising Kane. It was a good, even game, but we managed to put a few more in the net than they did and skated away with a 6-3 victory. Saturday morning we played the Nighthawks. Now I will be the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the Nighthawks organization as a general rule. All the teams I’ve played against with the NH name have been incredibly physical, appear to play angry when losing, and enjoy racking up the score when they can. I am sure that my perception is likely just that: a perception. Still, I never enjoy playing any of their teams and Saturday’s game was no different than normal. Unfortunately, none of the Mayhem players had a very good game, and a few of the Nighthawks players were feeling score-y. We walked away with a 0-5 loss. *grumble* Later that afternoon we met up with the Randolph Flyers. This is also a team that most of us play in the regular season; they are a well-established team and know how to play well with each other. Fortunately, though, we had a better game than they did and came out with a 4-2 victory. So going into the evening, we were 2-1 with 10 goals against, 10 goals for. We didn’t think there was any way we’d end up in the finals the next day.

The hockey gods were smiling at us, however, and sent losses to all the other teams that we were tied with in that 2-1 record. So we ended up playing (dum da dummmmm!) the Nighthawks for the championship. Fortunately for us, we really gelled for the game, played well together, and put more pucks in the net than they did. There were some incredibly questionable calls on the ice (to the extent that the ref who wasn’t calling all the penalties on us was shaking his head each time the other ref’s arm would shoot up in the air) but in the end, we perservered. Mayhem won 4-2, and ended up getting our photos taken with a REALLY BIG TROPHY. Happily, the trophy stays at the rink and will simply have an engraved label affixed to it each year for that year’s winner.

Way to go Mayhem!

Mayhem! 2009 AOK Women's Hockey Tournament Champions (C Division)