I pick things up and put them down

It’s really been 8 months since I’ve updated this blog? Wow. It’s not that I’m not online, I just don’t do it here.

The new fun thing that I’ve gotten into over the past 4-5 months has been Olympic weightlifting. Olympic weightlifting involves 2 lifts – the snatch and the clean & jerk.

There are two major misconceptions people have when you tell them you do Olympic weightlifting. The first is that I’m somehow a body-builder. Nope, not by any means. I’m not glistening, I don’t wear a bikini for lifting, and I certainly don’t use bronzer to make my body look better on stage.  I have the utmost respect for folks who have the time and dedication to put into training for bodybuilding, but can’t imagine doing it myself.

The second misconception is that you have to be HA-YUGE to be an Olympic weightlifter. That too, is simply untrue. There are 7 weight classes in women’s lifting (8 in men’s), which means that when you lift in competitions, you are lifting against other people who are roughly the same weight as you. Lucky me, being over the age of 35, also gets to lift against people in my same age class too (master’s level). Because Olympic weightlifting really isn’t that big of a sport, it means that the likelihood of me winning meets is pretty darn high.

I’ve done 3 meets so far – one was a small, unsanctioned meet at my gym, for which I didn’t do any training. Amazingly, I PRed both my lifts (personal record)! For the next meet – the Bay State Games – I spent about 6 weeks training. This was an official meet, and lucky me went 6-for-6 on my lifts, and set two more PRs! Super exciting! The most recent meet I did was 6 weeks ago – the New England Regional Championships – and I trained long and hard for that one. My coach had me work through 2 cycles – a strength cycle, in which I squatted like a mofo, and a Bulgarian cycle in which I worked a lot of heavy single lifts. I went 5-for-6 on my lifts at that meet, and again set 2 more PRs! Can’t argue with that at all. (52kg snatch, snatch 56kg, snatch 58kg miss, clean & jerk 67kg, clean & jerk 72kg, clean & jerk 74kg).

The next meet I’m planning on doing is in April, the Master’s National competition. I’m learning a new way to do the snatch, and should have enough time between now and then to really perfect it. In the meantime, of course, I’m frustrated every other day, which I think means I’m doing things right.