Storm Hockey FTW!

Storm Logo I didn’t get to play hockey against the Ravens on Sunday (long story, but it’s all good now) so I took photos from the bench instead. I really need to get a better camera for the rink since my little point-and-shoot just doesn’t do the game justice. (Yeah, I’ll get that after we buy a new mattress and a new fridge… and after I pay for another season or two of hockey! Not that high on my list of priorities, you know?) Sadly, we lost this really excellent game 0-1 on a breakaway during a penalty kill. Bummer.

Libby warming up

Libby warms up before the game and we get a pre-game pep talk by Coach Tim.

Lexie drawing a penalty

Lexie drew an awesome penalty here (about a second after this photo was taken, the girl in white ended up throwing her body under Lex and tripped Lex up.)

Asst. Captain Laura Goalie Angela

Laura, one of our assistant captains – and Angela, our pup of a goalie (she’s all of 19…)