Summer Hockey Stats

Here are my stats for the 2009 summer hockey season (last year in parentheses):

Games played: 49 (36)
Points: 21 (7)
Goals: 6 (2)
Assists: 15 (5)
Overall record: 28-19-2 (15-20-1)
Plus/Minus: +90/-67 of possible 173/137 (+68/-60 of possible 109/116)


  • More points! Yay!
  • I played a lot more this summer than last summer.
  • Adding a third team to the mix helped.
  • Despite playing 49 games, I’m horribly out of shape. Practice is killing me.
  • Way to go Forest, Thunder, and Sun Dogs!

Our regular season practices started 2 weeks ago and our first game is next Sunday. I’m wonderfully excited about our team this year, and hope we can do well enough to make another run at Nationals. We want to be Green Bay bound….