If April Showers Bring May Flowers, Here They Are

We have more pretties in our yard:

Johnny Jump-Ups?

Johnny Jump-Up
(not to be confused with the Jossi Jukin-Up)
(only you hockey fans will get that one).

Bleeding Hearts

More bleeding hearts, because I love them.


Purty tulip guts.


One of the new tulips this year, in the spot where the arborvitae used to live.

We’ve also got some wildlife in the yard:

One of the Garter Snakes

There are at least 2 garter snakes – one near the veggie garden and one near the neighbor’s pool. Here is PoolSnake sunning itself. I watched VeggieSnake eat a worm the other day. Holy circle of life Batman. !!!


Speaking of circle of life, here’s Maggie chowing down on the incredibly long grass, which we’ve already mowed three times this year. Before May 18. !!!

On Guard for the Mailman On Guard for the Mailman

And here’s Maggie letting us all know that the mailman is trying to violate the integrity of the yard. It’s really too bad the mailman leaves every day, because she thinks it’s because she barks at him. Alas, silly dogs won’t be reasoned with.