40. Wear the same outfit to work for an entire week and see if anyone notices

Do you know how much this made me laugh? This made my week. Made me giggle every morning. Made me smile every time I looked down and noticed what I was wearing.

Day 1 - Same clothes all week

I didn’t plan on doing this the week of June 14, but on Monday afternoon it struck me that it was a good week to try it out. So I wore the outfit again on Tuesday.

Day 2 - Same clothes all week

Do you know that only one person said anything? Erin noticed at 10:42 on Wednesday morning. She leaned over to me in an all-staff meeting and said, “Did you wear that on Monday? Is this THE WEEK?” I told her it was, and ¬†also told her I’d washed everything the night before so she didn’t need to worry that I was starting to smell or anything. She laughed at me.

Day 3 - Same clothes all week

By Thursday I have to admit, I was glad we work flexible schedules in the summer so I didn’t have to face the same clothes on Friday.

Day 4 - Same clothes all week

Yes indeed. I made myself laugh. And if Erin hadn’t said anything, I’d have gotten away with it scot-free!