The Grand Thanksgiving Eve Eve Shopping Extravaganza

Mom, Dad, and I went grocery shopping today for Thanksgiving on Thursday. I’ve never actually gone shopping before, since for the past umpteen years I’ve flown to Minnesota the day before Thanksgiving. This year, my folks are here and Amy’s folks are coming tomorrow. So I got to shop!

In putting together the list, it seemed like the bulk of what we needed to buy was in the vegetable family, so off to Russo’s we went. Amy and I once made the mistake of going shopping there the day before Easter; today wasn’t quite as nutty, but I’m sure tomorrow will be.

If you’re in the Boston area and you’ve never shopped at Russo’s before, I encourage you to check out the calendar, make sure no major holidays are happening around the time you want to go, and then hit the place up. It’s truly an amazing operation. They stock vegetables I wasn’t sure even existed, despite the fact that I was looking at them. The number of varieties of mushrooms they stock? Requires at least two hands and one foot to count. They make their own bread. They make fresh pasta (try the spinach cheese ravioli – YUM!). They make pickles. They have a deli. And they keep everything stocked despite the massive number of people shopping there.

Powie at Russo's

Here’s Dad as we waited in the line that was about 20 people deep. We were in one of 5 lines feeding into at least 10 cash registers. Our wait wasn’t too bad though, maybe only 10 minutes.

at Russo's in Watertown, 2 days before Thanksgiving Russo's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, 11:45 a.m. Mamom at Russo's

Here we are almost at the registers – Mom had to go on a mad dash through the store to find heavy cream – but fortunately she made it through the crush of people before we had to check out. All told, we spent about an hour there.

I can’t even imagine what this place is going to be like tomorrow on the REAL Thanksgiving Eve. Imagine 20 people around my mom in that final photo… it’s probably going to be something like that. CAH-RAY-ZEEEEE!