26. Run a 5K

Yup, I did it. I ran 3.1 miles with a bunch of other people in a timed event. Never thought I’d be able to, especially since when I began working out in earnest a year ago, I couldn’t even run 200m without stopping.

But sure enough, last Saturday October 16 I found myself in Quincy at Squantum Point Park picking up a number for the Cause 4 Paws second annual 5K sponsored by the Quincy Animal Shelter. Many thanks to Libby for giving me the heads-up on this race – several years ago she fostered a dog who had a litter of pups through QAS, one of whom she kept and is the wonderful Comet.

I was lucky enough to get number 365 – how fitting given that I’m in the midst of 365 days’ worth of adventures!

Cause 4 Paws 5K
I did it! The tshirt is proof!

After picking up my stuff, I wandered back to my car to try to stay warm before the race began (it was WINDY!) I heard someone call my name, and looked over to see my teammate Danielle and her posse, also there to run the race (I’d sent out a plea a few weeks ago trying to get someone to run it with me, since Amy was working). It was so nice to have people to chat with, so I could get rid of some of that nervous energy that comes from doing something completely new with no one you know.

The race went off at 10:00am. My goals were threefold:

  1. Finish the race.
  2. Run the whole race.
  3. Do it in less than 30 minutes.

Happily enough, I accomplished all three goals! The course was flat and other than the incredible headwind at the very end (is the headwind ALWAYS at the end?) it was a great day for a run.

After the Cause 4 Paws 5K
Being blown away by the wind after the race was done

So the final assessment? Time was 28:56 (although my watch said one second more). Ran the whole thing. Came in 53rd overall (of 123). Was the 23rd woman and 19th woman in my age group (1-39) who finished. Not shabby for a first outing. We’ll see if this sticks. I’m not holding my breath…

Time and Number
Lucky 365, done in 28:56 (or 28:57 if you tired and don't stop the stopwatch exactly when you cross the finish line)