Friday Link Love: The Prop 8 Response Edition

These are just a few of the things I’ve read since Wednesday morning about Prop 8 in CA. I’m not sure I agree with all of them 100%, but each of them has had some nugget in them which has resonated with me.


Op-Ed from Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese on Approval of Proposition 8

“Fifty-two percent of the voters of California voted to deny us our equality on Tuesday, but they did not vote our families or the power of our love out of existence; they did not vote us away.”

You Can Forget My Taxes by Melissa Etheridge

“(S)omeday your child is going to come home and ask you what a gay person is. Gay people are born everyday. You will never legislate that away.”

It’s God’s Fault: The cruel success of Prop. 8? Not Newsom, not gays. Blame You Know Who by Mark Morford

“(Interestingly, I believe this is the same God who, until recently, didn’t allow whites to marry blacks. Or women to vote. Or slaves to be free. Or people to get divorced. Or women to become priests. Or humans to wear condoms. Hmm.)

“So let me correct myself…. I do not blame God. I blame a very gloomy, revisionist version of the divine, a sour and demeaning mindset that believes in restriction, constriction, dread.”

The President-Elect Wants Your Story over at Mombian

“To drop the new administration a hint, however, why not share your story or vision via the site, as they request? No guarantee that they’ll use them, but I say a flood of LGBT stories can’t hurt.”

Cartoon by (and copyright) Mikhaela Reid

Toon: The Dream and the Nightmare

“but we will soldier on.” On Prop 8 by theantidesi101 at Pam’s House Blend

“To every hurt soul out there, prop 8 is not your future. Your future is happiness, your future is community, YOUR FUTURE IS THE OPTION TO START A FAMILY OF YOUR OWN. Your future can be wedding vows. Your future can be love. Your future can be all those annoying things married couples complain about. Your future is not defined by the forces of the past, the forces behind Prop 8. Your future is the only age demographic that opposed Prop 8, those 18-29 years old.