6. Get a massage

Big huge thanks to my friend Shelly in Germany for giving me a gift certificate to Caring Touch Massage Therapy to help me move into my 40s! Katrina, who owns Caring Touch, sidled up to me the other day at the gym and slipped me an envelope. Inside that envelope was the afore-mentioned gift certificate, along with a note from Shelly thanking me for my friendship (we’ve known each other since I worked at the University of Northern Iowa, way back in the late 90s) and wishing me well as I moved into a new decade of life. Needless to say, I got a little teary and sniffly.

Caring Touch Massage Therapy
Highly recommended!

And so I ran home, checked Katrina’s schedule, and got myself on her calendar ASAP. The massage was wonderful – she focused on my legs per my request – and I felt like I was walking on jelly for about 2 days. I’d highly recommend Katrina! And I’d highly recommend being friends with Shelly too. They are both simply wonderful!