Storm vs. Phantoms C

The Storm played the Phantoms C last night, our first game in two weeks. Our skates weren’t the only things that were a little rusty… sheesh! Apparently all of us who play defense forgot the oh-so-important weak side post player. We got scored on three times that way, all in about 5 minutes. D’oh! We managed to get one goal back after that, but lost the game 1-3.

Rather than playing with Julia last night, Coach Tim paired me up with Kristine. We haven’t played together in a while but managed pretty well nonetheless. In the second period, the puck came up the ice at me in our offensive zone and it seems that my hand-eye coordination (or perhaps that’s stick-eye coordination) was more than a little off, because the puck sailed right between my feet. Thankfully Kristine saw this happen and totally saved my ass AND a fast-break with her quick corraling of the puck!

Our good friend Tammy was here this weekend and took photos at the game using her incredible new camera. She told me, “I just put on the sports setting and starting taking pictures.” I cannot WAIT to see them and will link you to some of them when she puts them up.