9. Go candlepin bowling

In my last post, I hinted at something else on my 40 in 40 list that Libby, Jen, Amy, and I had done on our first (annual?) L-JAM Adventure Day. We went candlepin bowling at Lanes & Games in Cambridge.

As a twist, we decided to bowl in skirts. Which meant we needed to buy skirts. Which meant a trip to Goodwill after lunch and before the graveyard adventure. Behold the shopping. (Amy does not like wearing skirts.)

Skirt Shopping at Goodwill

And behold all of us in skirts (looking reasonably happy, even though none of us are really skirt-wearers.) (Aside: Amy coaches outside. Can you tell? The rest of us are pretty pasty white, but she’s looking all tanned.)

Candlepin Bowling in Skirts

And behold some action shots of us bowling/posing.

Candlepin Bowling in Skirts Candlepin Bowling in Skirts

Amy (l) and Libby (r) bowl

Candlepin Bowling in Skirts Candlepin Bowling in Skirts

Jen (l) and Megan (r) pose

I LOVE candlepin bowling – it’s significantly more fun to me than ten-pin bowling, and not just because you get three shots on each frame. There’s something about the small ball, the shape of the pins, and the fact that between shots the deadwood isn’t swept away. That can really help, but it can also hurt. So hooray for candlepin bowling! I suspect I’ll go more than once this year…