iPod Touch Applications

About a month ago, I got a new iPod Touch for free when I purchased a new laptop. Yay for working in academia and buying right before the fall semester!

Not Martha just posted her list of favorite apps for her iPhone (alas, I didn’t go that route since I’m extremely happy with my current cell phone provider and plan). Like her, I’ve downloaded a lot of applications too, and have found myself using some of them more than others. Unlike her, I don’t always have a connection to the internet through the 3G network, so I like apps which have online and offline features. I also like FREE apps, but would be willing to consider paying for really exceptional apps.

Here’s my partial list of favorite apps:

Air Sharing: connect your iPod to your laptop or desktop wirelessly and upload/download files; this is very helpful for when I’m taking files from computer to computer but only want to sync with one of them. I got this when it was free for a limited time; it’s the one app on here I would have elected to pay for if I’d had to.

Exposure: my new favorite app for accessing my Flickr account; doesn’t have offline access (that I can tell of) but it lets me see 100 of the most recent thumbnails of my photo stream as well as the same of all my contacts’ photo streams. Easily load more from your own photo stream.

Instapaper: Browsing at your computer and want to read something later? Install this app on your device and install the bookmarklet on your browser, then click the bookmarklet to save the file for reading later. Sync your Touch and the files get uploaded. Not the slickest for implementation, but nice for filing away stuff you want to get to “some day” and for when you’re offline.

NYTimes: not quick, and a little buggy, but so nice to be able to get access to big chunks of the NYT for free each day. You end up downloading the entirety of a couple of sections when you’re connected, and can read it when you’re offline. For access to other sections, you need to be online and/or patient.

Stanza: pretty decent e-book reader. I’ve downloaded a bunch of out-of-copyright and Creative-Commons licensed titles and am having fun getting through them. All 25K+ Project Gutenberg titles are available for downloading and reading. Offline-friendly. Easy to change text/font size, and simply as pie to turn the page. (Simply tap the right side of the page to go to the next page, tap the left side to go to the previous page.)

Twitterific: Online-only, obviously. Nice interface to that most ubiquitous of microblogging tools, Twitter. (My updates over there are protected, so don’t expect to wander over and just find me…)

I’ve also downloaded a bunch of free games – all offline – and have had a lot of fun playing these:

Do you have any must-own apps for your iPod touch or iPhone? Tell me what they are!