A Hat Trick of Hats

Guess who started knitting again? That’s right, yours truly. After …mumble.grumble.shuffle.the.feet… a while, I was finally inspired to pick up the sticks and string again after reading about a knit-along over on the Puck This forum on Ravelry (requires login).

The goal of the knit-along? Knit three hats in the month of January. Since I’ve made a few hats, I know the amount of work that most of them would take and it seemed like a reasonable commitment. Besides, looking over all the other fantastic hats was pretty inspiring!

So without further ado, here are my three (so far) hats for the month of January.

Goal 1: Not the Carolina Hurricanes Hat, finished between two hockey games at a tournament we played in a couple of weeks ago. I’m a little nervous about taking photos of myself in hockey gear and a knitted hat, in case you can’t tell. AKA the Hurricane Hat.

Self-Portrait in a Knitted Hat and Hockey Gear

Me, vaguely thuggish, in my extremely large shoulder pads, before playing a game

Amy + Megan

Amy and me, at dinner with the team on Saturday night

Goal 2: SCORE! Turn a Square – finished last weekend, knit on needles that were a little too small for the yarn (but the hat is thick, so it did what I wanted it to do). AKA Turn a Square.

Turn a Square Hat Turn a Square Hat

Me, modeling the slightly-too-small-for-me hat

Turn a Square in action

Amy, hat recipient, shoveling and not knowing I was taking her photo (aside: we’ve gotten a LOAD of snow this year!)

Goal 3: Kind of an Avs Hat (But Not Quite) – finished today, right before I headed to hockey practice. This yarn was a gift from my mom a few years ago and it’s 95% cashmere/5% lycra. I LOVE it! Of all three hats, this one is my favorite. AKA Robin’s Egg Blue Hat.

Kind of an Avs Hat (But Not Quite) Kind of an Avs Hat (But Not Quite)

Traditional hat modeling self-portraits

Kind of an Avs Hat (But Not Quite)

Post-practice photo, no longer feeling as awkward about posing in hockey gear with knitting

Why did I do this? Well, given the way I play, combined with the position I play, it’s unlikely that I’ll get a HOCKEY hat trick anytime soon! I’m getting my hat tricks any way I can, and if I’m wearing hockey gear to get some laughs from the knitters when I take photos of the hats, I’m going to do it. It was fun and accomplishable. And it got me knitting again. Who can argue with that?