Educause 2008 – Final Schedule

A surprisingly large number of sessions still don’t have online materials. When they come online I’ll come back here and link to them. Overall, it was a very good conference, but I don’t think I managed my session selection very well. Next year I’d like to go to more sessions on teaching. As I look at this schedule, I seem to have missed all of those this time around.


  • The Unique Human Brain: Clues from Neurology
  • Exhibits (talked to Zimbra & Google)
  • Lessons Learned from Deploying Sakai: An Interinstitutional Panel Discussion
  • Leadership and Management Lightning Round for:
    • Library/IT Partnership: The View from the Dean’s Office
    • What Does a Web Enterprise Services Strategy Entail?
  • Student E-Mail: New Options, New Solutions (the session of the singing loon)
  • Poster Sessions for:
    • Library/IT Partnerships: A View from the Dean’s Office
    • A Combined Math and Rhetoric Lab Course: A Pilot Program
    • What’s Not in Your Wiki?
  • Informal Learning Space presentation by MIT on their mobile device/iPhone application
  • NITLE reception


  • Discussion Session: Outsourcing E-Mail
  • The Facts of Life in a High-Tech Age (Moira Gunn)
  • Discussion Session: Outsourcing Non-E-Mail Applications
  • Lunch/Networking with Tweeps (Missed ELI Top Teaching & Learning Challenges of 2009 – bummer!)
  • Exhibits (talked with Microsoft and Desire2Learn, got roped into talking with Bradford, got bag thrust at me by … some vendor I don’t even know. I took it.)
  • Point/Counterpoint: Student Email: In or Out?
  • Poster Sessions for:
    • Visit, Upload, and Share! Collaboration Through Web 2.0 Tools in an International Experience Class
    • Beyond Talking Heads: Creating a Web Video Channel
    • Altiris and Hardware Independent Imaging
    • Looking for IT Answers? Browse Our Service Catalogue


A bunch of other sessions looked really good too, but I missed them for one reason or another.