3. Compete in a Crossfit event

Yesterday I teamed up with Brian Stark and Ali LeBlanc as Team BAM! and we took on 25 other teams at CFNE in the In-House Throwdown. While we weren’t one of the top 3 teams at the end of the day, we had a total blast and were definitely the best-dressed team there!

There were 3 events that we competed in.

Event 1: Get It Done

2000 meter row
7 x 200 meter KB carry (single KB: 53, 35)
75 burpee box jumps, 20″
100 pullups

All team members will work at the same time to finish the above tasks.  Each team can split the movements and reps up as they see fit.

This was the event that I enjoyed the most. Our team strategized a ton beforehand, since we each wanted to work on the things we were best at. In the end, I ended up doing 15 pullups, 35 burpee box jumps, rowed 1500m, and did 1 KB carry.

CFNE Internal Team Throwdown - Team BAM!

I liked the row the most; one of the 6pm gals coached another 6pm-er and me. With her pushing, I was able to keep a decent pace the entire time. The KB carry was awful, and I was so happy that Ali and Brian ended up doing the other 6 of them. We ended up coming in close to last on this one, mostly because we had some technical difficulties with counting on the pullups. Ali took the brunt of the extra pullups on that – sorry girl!

CFNE Internal Team Throwdown - Team BAM!

Event 2: Barbell Ladder Up

10 minute up ladder of:
Athlete 1:  deadift
Athlete 2:  power clean
Athete 3:  ground to overhead

Each team will have one 75# barbell.  Athlete one will complete 1 DL, Athlete two will complete 1 PC and athlete three will complete 1 GTO.  The team will then repeat the same order, but will do 2 reps each, then 3 reps, and continue as high as possible in 10 minutes.  Once the team starts the bar is not allowed to rest on the ground till the wod is over (all reps are touch and go and you must pass the bar from athlete to athlete when transitioning).  If the bar rests on the ground there is a 2 burpee penalty for all team members.

Ali did our deadlifts, I did the power cleans, and Brian did the ground to overheads. As a team, we ended up getting up to 12 reps – Brian finished his 12th rep right at 10 minutes!

CFNE Internal Team Throwdown - Team BAM!

Ali and Brian were both so strong on this one; I really struggled with my grip, but never did set the bar down (it did rest in my lap several times…) In the end, we each did 78 reps of our movements. CRAZY!

Event 3: Relay Race

9 x 200 meter run

The start of the “Relay Race” is the end of the “Barbell Up Ladder” event (when the 10 minute mark of event 2 sounds, that is the “GO” for this wod).  One team member will run 200 meters and then tag the next team member.  Continue relay-style until all team members have run three 200 meter sprints.

Ouch. This one hurt. My first run was dreadful, and then the second and third got a little better. It’s funny though – on the second and third runs it was like 25-year-old muscle memory kicked in and I blew through the first 100m of the run, accelerating the entire way. And then I had to turn around, and just like 25 years ago, I decelerated on the second 100m… Once a sprinter who doesn’t like corners, always a sprinter who doesn’t like corners. Both Ali and Brian did a great job on these as well. All of us got faster each time. And all of us have the tight hamstrings today to prove it!

What a fun day!