Canine Oral Fixations

Both my dogs like to chew on stuff. We’re pretty lucky that they typically only chew on their own things.

We bought Otter this stuffed bunny at IKEA a couple of months ago. Bunny is his favorite toy. He sometimes just sits, holding Bunny gently in his mouth. Other times he shakes Bunny around, trying to break Bunny’s back (but Bunny doesn’t have bones, so we’re all good). And then other times, he’ll lick and lick and lick and lick Bunny. Yeah, Bunny’s kind of gross, but Otter loves Bunny, so when Maggie gets a hold of Bunny and chews holes in Bunny and tries to pull out Bunny’s stuffing? I intervene, put the stuffing back in, and unleash my surgery skills on the world. Lucky Bunny, and lucky Otter!

Otter with Sutured Bunny

Maggie also likes to chew. We haven’t found a dog toy she hasn’t been able to destroy (or at least get good chunks out of it – I’m looking at you, Kong!) other than one particular bone. As you can tell from her behavior with Bunny, she’s most fond of stuffed toys and things that can be shredded. The other day she was being annoying when I was finishing dinner, so I threw my paper napkin at her head. This was the result:

Maggie Shredding Paper Towel Maggie Shredding Paper Towel

Maggie Shredding Paper Towel Maggie Shredding Paper Towel

Silly dog!