38. Make beer

The original goal here was to volunteer at Waltham Fields Community Farm, but instead of volunteering, Amy and I decided to get a full farm share this year instead of splitting one with friends Meena and Murali and their kids.

So in keeping with the “food” theme of this goal, beer became the end product. (Is anyone surprised? I’m not.)

There is a joint here in Natick called Barleycorn’s Craft Brew, where one can brew a huge variety of beer, a smaller variety of wine, and an even smaller selection of sodas. After the kayaking and snake adventures of May 7, Amy brought me and Libby to Barleycorn’s. We sat down and decided what beer to make. Our final choice was a summer brew called Bambino Summer Ale.

Bambino Summer Ale Recipe
Bambino Summer Ale Recipe

We measured our malts, ground them up, and put them into a giant tea bag, which steeped for about a half-hour.

Grinding malt
Grinding the malt
Grinding malt
Grinding so fast you can't even see her hand!

We added the extract and stirred it up.

Stirring the Tea
Double bubble toil and trouble...

Later we added the hops, after which the wurt (for it’s not beer yet) was moved from the kettle to a barrel for fermentation.

To ferment!
That'll be OUR beer soon!

We’ll go back in 2 weeks and bottle the beer. I think we get about 6 total cases out of this – hope we like it! If you’re local, you’ll probably get to try some too.