Post-Election Exhaustion

After an amazing presidential result yesterday, I find myself conflicted in my joy. Why?

  • Scott Brown (MA State Senate) won (he’s a homophobe, being one of 67 MA legislators who tried to vote to revoke already-granted marriage rights from same-sex couples in MA)
  • Michelle Bachman (US Rep from MN) won (she’s a homophobe, introducing an amendment in the MN House in the 05-06 session to ban SSM)
  • Prop 8 in CA looks as though it may pass. (I hate to disparage an entire religion, having been raised in a religion that often gets disparaged. But I am so livid with the entire Mormon Church right now I can’t even see straight. Pun NOT intended.) (Banning ALREADY-LEGAL SSM)
  • Prop 102 in AZ passed (banning SSM)
  • Initiative 1 in AR passed (banning LGBT people from adopting children)
  • Amendment 2 in FL passed (banning SSM)

What do all of these races have in common? They all can point to an irrational fear of LGBTQ people as instrumental in their success – and I believe that those fears are deeply rooted in religious intolerance.

And that depresses the living shit out of me.