35. Try Bikram Yoga

Thanks to a well-timed Groupon, I scored a 10-visit punch card to Birkam Yoga Natick for a very good price. Since I have a couple of weeks off from work (oh, painting the house, how I love and loathe thee), it seemed like a good time to try out this particular brand of yoga – hot, prescriptive, and athletic.

Bikram Yoga Natick
6 Huron Drive, Natick MA

Okay, first truth time here: I’m not flexible. Nor do I enjoy spending a lot of time contemplating where I fit into the universe. And frankly, I hate sweating. So the choice of very bendy, heated YOGA? Weird, but that’s exactly why it was on the list.

And second truth time here: I enjoyed it. Sure, tomorrow when I go I’ll bring a bigger towel (and a second towel as well) and will wear far fewer clothes. But I’ll go back, which is probably the biggest surprise to me. I think what appealed to me about it was the athleticism involved – there is a lot of good balance work, and (as I said earlier), it’s a bendy brand of yoga. As it turns out, I’m a pretty goal-oriented person (shocking, shocking) and being able to walk out of there feeling like I had a workout was really appealing. Besides, I want to get better at being bendy – it can only help me in hockey and crossfit!

So: score one for hot, bendy yoga that would have made me sweat even IF the room hadn’t been heated up.