Shrub’s iPod and my email to Billmon

Billmon over at Whiskey Bar always has some good things to say about what’s going on in the world today. Today’s post on what’s on Shrub’s iPod was pretty thought-provoking. I’m an iPod user – I’ve had mine for a couple of years now, and use it somewhat frequently. Today I had it on all day, as I was writing a couple of letters of reference and needed to drown out all the office noise. Anyhow, I was struck by his concept that there is “an iPod demographic” of sorts, and that they consist of what I’d call Angry Young Men with Nothing To Do. So I emailed Billmon, and this is roughly what I told him:


I’m not sure that you’ve totally got the iPod demographic right…

cynthia has pink hair and is going to grad school in the fall at UCSD for computer science.
babs loves wonder woman, her recently-deceased hedgehog, and is a lifelong philadelphian.
anna works with someone you know [but she works the late-night shift so probably never sees that person.])
and me – i’ve got nothing posted about my ipod yet, but I did spend a good chunk of my day at work listening to it.

and almost all of the rest of my female, feminist, knitting, 20-30ish friends are iPod owners. i’m just saying that we are also “the demographic” for ipods, and shrub didn’t get any points in that article from us.

So, what about you? Did you read any of the articles? Did Shrub’s iPod playlist speak to you? Where do you get your tunes? Any recommendations for good, free, legal music online?

3 thoughts to “Shrub’s iPod and my email to Billmon”

  1. I had not thought of the iPod Demographic, which sould somewhat self selecting. I resisted joining the masses and went on a long spiritual quest to find the perfect, non iPod, digial music device. Now I own an iPod. and am very pleased. I still try not to walk in public or nature or basically when I should be aware of the beauty that is the world while wearing it. As far as downloadable music. I’m still waiting for Rhapsody to come up with a iPod compatable version. That would rock my world.

  2. I agree Billmon’s a bit off. (Would have told him so, but didn’t see a way to leave comments and didn’t feel like emailing. It’s true I know a lot of blogger-types with iPods (typically feminist, male or female, on the high-tech side) but where I seem them most is at the gym. Tons of iPods there on males and females of varying ages.

  3. I wasn’t talking about the iPOd itself — I don’t even know if there is such a thing as the iPOD demographic or what it would look like.

    It was the SONGS on the iPod, and the absence of any overly Christian tunes (Christ may have changed Shrub’s heart, but apparently not his taste in music) plus the fact that the song list was leaked to the press, that made me wonder if there was a PR angle to this.

    And I never got your email.


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