oh, the pain! blogger just relaunched and added a whole slew of new tools, like built-in commenting. add to that the web-ability of blogger, and you have here one megan in a pickle about what to do re: software for blog publishing.

see, i’ve just started using this here thingamablog, and i do enjoy it. the editor makes me happy, the fact that it’s freeware and open source is all cool. BUT, and this is a big but, you can only post from the machine where you have thingamablog loaded. which means that i can only post from my laptop – which i rarely bring to work.

so what to do? what to do? i’ll probably load my thingamablog template into blogger and set up a faux blog on this site somewhere, just to see how i like it. because it would be nice to decrease by one or two the number of programs i’m using to create this blog.