All the Made Up Words in One Post

Here are all the made-up words you suggestedin the comments, all neatly rolled up into one post.

These courtesy of Lloyd:

Dunderhead, as in “My foot would have remained firmly planted on the floor rather than securly lodged in my mouth if I were not such a DUNDERHEAD and asked that nice Mr. Sean Combs if he was into Hip Hop at all.”

Clench Butt, as in “I prefer art that is much more gestural rather than this CLENCH BUTT piece with no life in it.”

This from Davey:

Oddfangled: like “newfangled” only pointlessly WEIRD instead of pointlessly new.

Courtesy of the always-hilarious Heather, we have:

BLEVE (Blev-ee, and always in all caps) is originally from a tanker term meaning Blast Levelling Everything Very Effectively. As I know it, though, it means the sudden upward and outward or downward and outward expellation of some degree of internal mass; that is, to vomit or to poo most spastically. Commonly uttered after a large, over-stuffing meal, “Oh, I’m gonna BLEVE.” Full-blown BLEVE can be avoided by the use of the BLEVE RELEASE VALVE: the passing of gas in monitored quantities (that is, wherein my father sidles up to my mother and proceeds to FART on her, much to her dismay) alleviates some of the BLEVE pressure and catastrophe is avoided.

From Pinkhaired Cyn:

Plush – It stands for “platonic crush” and is when you meet someone and you totally want them to be your best friend. Like, “I have a total plush on all the PhillyKnitters!”

I think those are about it. Thanks for playing!