a challenge

earlier today, someone mentioned to me that i really ought to update my blog more often. i wrote back, offering excuses for my lack of verbosity, and asked for inspiration. the response to that request? write about the heat and humidity.

so here i am. and it is HOT out there! and humid too. this is weird to me, since the time around my birthday isn’t a time i normally connect to those words or concepts. i mean, this is the first year of my life (all 33 years strong of it!) where i turned on the air conditioning the day after my brithday. harrumph. other years, the weather has played different tricks – those tricks haven’t been any kinder than this one, but at least they were tricks i could understand.

when i was a freshman in college, my birthday weekend was 2 weeks before finals. the week leading up to my birthday that year had been unseasonably warm – there’s nothing quite like walking past corona and aurora halls at st. ben’s, seeing all those pasty white minnesotan girls laying out in their bikinis and swimsuits, desperately trying to soak up the first rays of summer sun. at any rate, that was the weather leading up to the weekend, and six of us (me, kirky, sara, tonya, kara, and jeannie) decided to make a weekend of it at my cabin in northern minnesota. we packed up our swimsuits, the sunscreen, our books and papers, and headed north for the weekend.

you know where this is going, don’t you?

we got to the cabin (in the town where i grew up) on friday night and promptly called all my friends who were still in high school up there, inviting them over for a night with six college women. as i recall, jesse, mike the tall guy who went to my church, and ben from next door were the only ones who could come out. ben was still a freshman, and i’m sure that his mom has never forgiven me for what we did to him that night. let’s just say that it was probably his first and last experience with blue hawaiians.

the next morning – er – afternoon, the six of us girls rolled out of bed ready to put on our swimsuits, head out to the deck, and study in the sun. imagine our surprise at seeing the six inches of beautiful, white, wet snow on the ground!

for posterity, we did put on our bikini tops and shorts and made ben come back over to take our photos in the snow. that picture – of the six of us, so optimistic in the face of minnesotan weather in the spring – is one of my favorites from my four years in college.

girls in the snow