Technology: What I Wish I Knew

I’m pretty savvy as an end-user of computers, and I can poke around a bit here and there to do basic troubleshooting. But more than once I’ve joked that I’m a frustrated systems librarian waiting to burst free.

That being true, some things I wish I knew how to do/use include:

  • programming (php is my desired flavor du year)
  • how to effectively use cascading style sheets for lovely web design
  • linux of some flavor
  • cataloging (shhhhh… don’t tell any of my colleagues.)
  • digital slr photography

I’m sure I could pick up pieces of this here and there if I applied myself. But honestly, right now? I’m content to be able to do my basic troubleshooting. Should my work circumstances change at some point (or should I suddenly come into possession of a Canon Digital Rebel XTi) I’m more than happy to apply myself to learn any of the above.

If you’ve picked up new technology skills in the past few years, what were they and how did you go about learning?

3 thoughts to “Technology: What I Wish I Knew”

  1. I picked up SLR photography by picking up the SLR and playing with it obsessively. There’s still lots for me to learn, but learning by doing is the best way!

  2. I got this wicked pissa excellent new thingy as a gift. I think it is called an Ipod Nano. I already figured how to get it out of the box. My next task is to figure out how to play music on it, but it looks way to small for my record albums….

  3. Megan, I feel very much the same way. I really want to understand the tech side more. Right know I just know enough to be dangerous! 🙂 Maybe we should get a reading/working group together for folks just starting out with the back end of things!

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