With this post, I complete my NaBloPoMo experiment. Thirty days of posts in a row. I’m sure there are a lot of navel-gazing posts today about this – you’ll find no exceptions here. Some things I noticed this month:

  • it’s easier to blog when something funny happens
  • for the most part, memes are an easy out and should be avoided
  • BWT (blogging when tired) isn’t a good idea
  • blog before late hockey practice/games
  • posts with photos are much more fun
  • I like it when people comment. 🙂

So while I may not post this much until next November, I will probably post more often than I have. I’ll go back and read the posts of this November in a few days to find out what seems most interesting to folks and will try to learn some lessons from that. And heck, you’re going to keep on getting photos of the dogs because I love them.

With that, I’m BWT again, so I’m off to watch a little more television before I crawl into bed for a good night’s sleep.

4 thoughts to “SUCCESS!”

  1. Hey thanks to you I made the jump to Google Reader today. OPML exports made it super easy.

    Congratulations on all the blogging and please keep posting dog pictures.

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