So much for my blogging plans tonight…

I had a photo essay all arranged, and then Flickr died.

In words: Maggie with stuffed bone. Maggie begins to destuff stuffed bone. Maggie really gets into the destuffing and ears appear as though flying. Maggie bring bone to me to throw. She grabs it away from me. I throw it behind the television stand. The heating vent gets in the way. Hesitation, hesitation, hesitation. Maggie finally grabs the now-destuffed bone and life is good.

Trust me, the photos are better. Damn.

Throw me the stuffy!

Edited the next morning

Success! Start the series here (to move from photo to photo, look for my photostream on the right side of the page and click “next”.)

I should also mention that in this entire series, Maggie’s saying, “Thanks Liberace, Libbossy, Libby, and of course, Comet!”

Thanks goodness Flickr came back up. I’d be sad if it didn’t.

2 thoughts to “So much for my blogging plans tonight…”

  1. Comet ripped his to shreds while we were watching my nephew’s soccer game. I had to chase the fuzzies that the wind blew across the field.

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