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I’m thinking about changing the look and feel of this blog again, thanks to some work that my friend Chanda has done on her site. Frankly, I’m thinking of using the same theme because I really like it. She’s got good taste.

And of course that got me thinking about the various iterations this blog/website has gone through. I haven’t taken screenshots of this site over the years, and realized that I couldn’t remember what all it looked like. Thank goodness I still have almost all of my old WordPress theme files still loaded in my blog folders, and thank goodness for the Internet Archive. The old theme files helped me get screenshots of the look-and-feel from 2005-present. The Internet Archive helped me get screenshots from 2003-2005. I’m missing one iteration in there, which is the first 9 months of my WordPress installation. Oh well.

From 2002, when I first registered the domain

Blog - 2002

I obviously kept some similar elements for the first couple of years. Here is early to mid 2003 (look! more links!)

Blog - 2003 (first)

And again… (and now we are in a column rather than a line. crazy!)

Blog - 2003 (second)

Hey there – I added poem to my home page in late 2003, and combined columns with lines for content links.

Blog - 2003 (fourth)

This was when I started using Thingamablog to blog. Despite the change in focus, there are a lot of similarities to the previous iterations (get with it and change the color and your icon, would you already?)

Blog - late 2003 to November 2004

In between the previous screenshot and the following screenshot I blogged for 9 months using WordPress. I can’t for the life of me track down a screenshot, but apparently it was a modified version of the Kubrick theme that’s bundled with the WordPress installation. I’m still using WordPress, but have changed themes a few times since then. This one was based on a theme called MX4 (unavailable now):

Blog - July 2005 - May 2006

Here is the theme Less-is-Purple, which I modified and used for 2 years. I suppose it’s nice enough – clean and somewhat simple – but sheesh. It’s boring.

Blog - June 2006 - June 2008

And this is my current look and feel, based on the Greenery theme. the color is a bit shocking, isn’t it? Now that it’s November, I’m a little startled by such a brilliant green, a green that shrieks “springspringspring!!!!” So I might change things up. We’ll see.

Blog - June 5 - Nov 5 2008

The new look and feel? Well, you’ll have to stick around and see what happens. I really ought to not swipe Chanda’s theme but oooh I like it a lot and will be hard-pressed to convince myself otherwise. Before I do that, though, I’ll head over to the WordPress themes directory to see what I can come up with.

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