Lawrence Lessig rocks my socks

Creative Commons PowerI’m at Educause 2009 this week (with a horrid head cold, no less). Yesterday morning, due to said head cold, I managed to miss the keynote speaker Jim Collins. “Ah well,” I said to myself, “no worries, I shall watch his apparently awesome presentation online later since Educause is making a ton of presentations available online for free.” Then my friend Tim told me that I couldn’t, since for some reason (likely his contract), Educause was not allowed to stream or record it.

Oh, the irony of that after listening to Lawrence Lessig’s amazing talk on copyright this morning. He is one of the few people I’ve listened to who makes copyright fascinating – no small feat. Not only that, but he is a master with the presentation slides…

Anyhow, if you have any interest in hearing what Lessig has to say to an audience of higher ed IT/library folks about copyright and the open access movement and how he envisions things need to change in order for the world to continue to make sense, head on over and spend an hour watching and getting inspired. Then, if you are a creator or consumer of copyrightable materials, go participate in the Creative Commons movement.

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