I sign up for insanity yet again

It’s getting to be fall (weird 80+ F degree weather in MA notwithstanding) which means that November is coming, which means that it’s almost time for:


So of course, since it was soooo easy last year (ha!) I had to rush out and sign up again. Actually, this year it might be easier, since I’ve got nearly a month to mentally prepare myself for posting every day. AND I can start 30 posts with 30 prompts between now and then, and then only need to finish them come November. NOT pre-blogging, mind you. Just preparatory work.

Do you blog? You should, and you should sign up too!

3 thoughts to “I sign up for insanity yet again”

  1. I’m an English teacher so that library part in your name hooked me right away. Looking forward to reading your month of posts.

    Good luck with preblogging, I mean, your research and development!

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