How I Talked Amy Into a Second Dog (The Otter Chronicles)

Guess who?Remember this?

Or this?

If not, go and read this story.

The backstory to Otter’s coming to live with us is – of course – more complex than what I wrote in those three entries.

A few things I didn’t write in 2005:

  • It is wise to keep me away from animals when I am depressed. Because when I am depressed, animals somehow end up living with me. Fortunately, Amy’s put the kibosh on any more animals in the house, so even if I end up both depressed and near adoptable animals again, I’m likely to walk away fur-free.
  • I said this to Amy: ““We’ll let Maggie decide. If she tries to take his face off, we won’t pursue it any further.” What I didn’t write in 2005 was the statement which immediately preceded that comment: “If we don’t let Maggie meet him, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.” Fortunately, she called me on it very shortly thereafter – and I remembered saying it – so now we both know I can never use such a statement again unless I truly honestly 110% mean it. And really, it’s not likely that we’ll run into a situation where I feel that strongly.
  • Amy also said this to me: “He’s bigger and he’s going to eat more and he’s going to shed more and he’s going to need more exercise and he’s going to poop more.” She was right. But I will say this: he’s more than doubled the entertainment factor in our family, as various videos have shown.

I love our big goofy dog, even if he was an ill-thought-out addition to our lives. There are few days that go by when he doesn’t annoy the living daylight out of us, but there are even fewer that go by where he doesn’t make us laugh our butts off.

Smoochies to you, BigOtter! We love you.

Otter in the water for the first time


2005 – “What the heck IS this wet stuff?”


Water Dog!


2007 – “Can I splash some more?”



2005 – “This is a weird spot for sleeping.”


It's hard to be a pooch


2007 – “Daytime television really IS dreadful.”


Missing his momma

2006 – “Where’s my momma?”





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  1. okay, so what about a third dog? not for you, but for me. there are border collie pups at the farm where i ride and i so want one because their mother, Lucy, is fabulous. but i have two other dogs, both spaniels, both 11-ish, both set in their routines. should i bring a bc pup into our household or not? and then, there’s picking between the five pups, oh my!

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